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Durak – offline game. APK is a free app listed in Card Apps. It is very easy to install Durak – offline game. app on you

Regular and transfer Durak is one of the best offline games.

Durak (in Russian “дурак”) – is one of the most popular board games in post-soviet countries.


The game uses a deck of 36 or 52 cards (values ​​of cards by seniority: from ace to six) and 2 to 6 players participate. Each is dealt 6 cards, the next card is revealed and its suit sets the trump card for this game.
The rest of the deck is placed on the top so that the trump card is visible to everyone.

The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards. The last player who does not get rid of the cards remains in the “fools”. In the first deal, the player with the lowest trump moves (attacks) first; in further surrenders, they go “out of a fool” (the player on the left).

The move is always made to the left, and consists of laying out one or more cards, and the player under whom they go tries to cover them either with the highest card of the same suit or with a card of the trump suit if the hidden card is not itself a trump card – in this case, it can be covered only the senior trump card. If the player under whom they go fought back, then the next move goes to him, but first, all players get up to 6 cards, starting with the player who went first and ending with the player who fought back.

If the player could not fight back, then he accepts all the cards, and the next move is for the player on the left.

The main varieties of the card game fool: throw and transfer.

Regular (подкидной)

You can move any number of cards of the same rank. The player under whom they go (struggling) can cover the cards, or he can accept. The attacking player has the right to throw cards that match in value with any card on the table (which were moved and/or which were winged). If more than two players are involved in the game, then the player who walked has the right to the first word, but when he has finished walking, the other players have the right to throw their cards according to the same rules.

You can also throw cards when the player decided to accept the cards and not continue to fight back (after).

Restrictions when adding cards: you cannot attack with more cards than the defender has (if the player has three cards, he was given one, and he decided to accept it, then he can only add two after) you cannot flip more than five cards, even if the player has more cards in his hand, that is, the total number of cards to discard is six at the first rebound, you cannot throw more than four cards to the battering player.

Transferable (переводной):

The rules are the same as in the regualr, but with one complication: if the player under whom they go has a card of the same value, then he can put it next to the already lying card and “transfer” both cards to the next player.

The first round cannot be transferred. You can transfer again if the next player also has a card of the same value. You cannot transfer more cards than the next player has in his hand. When cards are transferred to a player who cannot transfer them further, he becomes the batting player and must cover all or accept.

Further, the game completely coincides with the throw-in fool.

You can download the Fool game and play it like other games without the internet. You can play cards against the phone in a throw-in or transfer fool with 1-3 computer players (against bots or against the computer).


– play without internet (offline game )
– portrait and landscape modes
– achievements, career
– sound, vibration notifications
– choice of the number of players from 2 to 4
– sorting cards by rank and/or suit
– the ability to “disable ads”
– large/small cards
– enemy move speed (fast, normal, slow)
– intelligence level of opponents
– displays the number of cards in the deck on the table
– highlighting the beating player
– confirmation of the end of the move
– the ability to skip the end of the game between rivals – deck 36/52 cards

Download APK(v4.2.7)

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