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FaceChat:LiveChat&MeetCutie v2.1.0 for Android

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Welcome to FaceChat:Online Video Chat Ready to connect the world with FaceChat video chat? Live vide

FaceChat:Live Chat&Meet CutieFaceChat:Live Chat&Meet CutieFaceChat:Live Chat&Meet CutieFaceChat:Live Chat&Meet Cutie

Welcome to FaceChat:Online Video Chat
Ready to connect the world with FaceChat video chat? Live video chat with new friends from all over the world including Asian and meet many new friends. Real-time translation function, chat worry-free.

Hot Feature Highlights
✅ Guarantee the authenticity of the anchor, show the real photos of the anchor, and match the real anchor will discuss various interesting plants with you, such as clover, peppermint, onion, mimosa.
😍 Random waiting time is short, the anchor is online in real time, talking about the bun, melo, tomato, and jelly, lemon, which is better.
🙋‍♂️ Tap to start video chatting, talk about various animals such as bunny, panda, dodo,zebro, dingo, seal
🤖 You can say anything at will: hi, AHA, Gaga, Ola, WOW, we will translate for you in real time
🎥 Watch short videos of your favorite people, it’s so super well
🤙 Follow your dear friends so you can video chat with them any time, talking about delicious fruits like peaches, coco, iBerry, mango, papaya
💬 Send a private message in the chatbubble and translate, and chat with the anchor about various Greek letters, such as Omega, Alpha, etc. 🎁🎁🎁

🔒 Private and safe cam chat
🕵️‍♂️ Report or block users that are acting against our policy
🚫 Please respect other positive users and follow our guidelines to keep FaceChat clean
📍 Your location will never be fully disclosed

We sincerely hope u join FaceChat now, begin a video chat with girls nearby.
Follow and contact us:
If you want to be our anchor or agent: [email protected]
If you have any questions while using the app: [email protected]

Lots of Love,
FaceChat Team

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